Our Story

Rooted in Scripture, Called to Serve

Founded in 1858, we have over 160 years of history to celebrate, an authentic Lutheran Liturgy and Worship service to offer our community and a Biblically rooted evangelical message that we carry to our neighbors and those who need to hear the Word.  

In 1857 Rev. John Lingle, from Mt. Hope,  came  with Mr.  Benjamin Hartman to Mt. Carroll  to see if there were any Lutherans that wanted to start a church. Gathering a few they met in different places. On August 7, 1858 they organized The First English Evangelical Lutheran Church and adopted a constitution. By 1860 they were ready to build a church (now the Mt. Carroll Community House). In 1876 the original Lutheran Church plus $500 were given in exchange for the Presbyterian Church (the nave of present church) plus 2 lots on which it was located. The Presbyterian bell was replaced by the Lutheran bell. This is our present house of worship.

Outwardly focused, we have a tradition of ministering to the needs of the community and the surrounding area in Christ’s name. Equipping people for God’s mission is central to all of our ministries, so prepared we can take the good news from our sacred spaces into public places and allow Jesus light to shine through our efforts.  

All Are Welcomed

God desires a life-giving relationship with you and he wants us to share that life-giving relationship together within the Body of Christ. We believe Jesus’ sacrifice was for “all people” and we welcome all in his name.